On January 14, 2018, the fifth summit forum award presentation ceremony of “Creating an Infinite Future for Internet Finance” was held in Shenzhen Dongfang Silver Art Hotel.




To commend pioneer model enterprises and units which have made great contributions to the industrial development, the forum held an awarding ceremony. Enterprises including Flying Financial were awarded the title “the Best Enterprise of Financial Technology” due to their innovation and breakthroughs in financial technology, and E-Finance had the honor to win the title “the Best Internet Financial Service Institution” due to its safety and service capacity.


E-Finance is an internet credit information intermediary platform which is subordinated to Flying Financial (HK8030). E-Finance of Flying Financial adopted a series of active actions to guarantee rights and interests of investors and borrowers, invited Guangdong Rongguan Law Office as its permanent legal adviser, and signed contracts with online bank deposit and online electronic signature business, and acceptance of users. It is reported that at present, the registered users of the platform surpass 1 million with a business volume of 6.631 billion Yuan and investor benefits of 297 million Yuan.


E-Finance has always cooperated with supervision department actively, assisted on-site inspection, made preparations for filing documents actively and advocated the new trend of industry development in 2018.


In the future, E-Finance will strive hard. On the one hand, it will improve capital quality continuously and reduce risks of investors. On the other hand, it will operate well and realize service innovation by improving product services and user experience. Moreover, it will improve the risk control system continuously and realize multiple-control strictly. Meanwhile, it will cooperate with the supervision department to realize the series compliance works actively and have co-development with the internet financial industry.