The platform was officially launched at the end of year 2015. After three years’ development, the company has accumulated rich and professional experience in financial services field. A large number of accurate and high-value users as well as powerful financial technology innovation capability, which has ushered in a brand new opportunity for the company’s development.
After rigorous decision, the company has transformed from a consumer financial service platform to a financial technology platform. Thus, the original “Huilian Yijia Software Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.” has altered its registered name into “Huilian Technology Data Service (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.” (Hereinafter referred to as “Huilian Technology”).By then, all the business of the original company will be operated using the new name, and the contracts signed by the original name are remain valid.
After the name change, Huilian Technology will be committed to providing financial technology empowerment for the upstream and downstream industries in real estate chain. Relying on the parent company's almost 20 years’ professional experience in real estate financial services field, Huilian Technology has accumulated a large number of high-value users such as home buyers and homeowners; Depending on the strong R&D team, Huilian Technology will not only continue to output high-tech achievements for financial technology empowerment in consumer finance, property services and supply chain finance, but also output integrated solutions including big data, risk control systems and smart customers acquisitions.
As a technology-driven FinTech company of the listed company, Huilian Technology drives innovation through big data so as to keep its enhancement in hi-tech innovation. It also creates an open, data-driven technology platform in an attempt to give its partners an iterative upgrade in customer service solution and create values for them.
In the future, Huilian Technology will focus on its innovation ability in financial technology, deepen its role in consumer finance, property services and supply chain finance, and penetrate into the upstream and downstream industries in real estate in ways to continuously output the industry's integrated solutions.
We are really appreciated for your supports and attentions! Standing at the new starting point of Huilian Technology, let’s work together to create a better tomorrow!