2018 China Fintech Summit Forum was held in Beijing on June 30, 2018. The theme of this summit is “Enjoying Science and Technology and Smart Finance”. At the forum, honorable guests from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the People’s Bank of China, traditional financial institutions and financial technology field delivered wonderful speeches and discussions, which centered on the transformation of financial industry and deep integration of traditional financial industry with the Internet, big data and artificial intelligence technology since the 19th National Congress of the CPC. Huilian Technology won the honor of “Technology Innovation Organization of 2018 China FinTech” at 2018 China Fintech Summit Forum.

2018 China Fintech Summit Forum
The team form Huilian Technology, a technology-driven Fintech company under Hong Kong-listed company, Flying Financial Services Holdings Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as Flying Finance, HK8030), attended this forum. Relying on the parent company's almost 20 years’ professional experience in real estate financial services, Huilian Technology has accumulated a large number of high-value users such as home buyers and homeowners; Depending on the strong R&D team, Huilian Technology will not only continue to output high-tech achievements for financial technology empowerment in consumer finance, property services and supply chain finance, but also output integrated solutions including big data, risk control systems and smart customers acquisitions.

Flying Financial was awarded the title of
“Technology Innovation Organization of 2018 China FinTech”
With years of industry service experience, accurate high-value user community accumulation and financial technology innovation spirit, Huilian Technology not only had a brand new opportunity for the development, but also won recognition from the industry continuously.

Li Liangliang, Vice President of Huilian Technology
attended the meeting and received the award
In the future, Huilian Technology will focus on its innovation ability in financial technology, deepen its role in consumer finance, property services, and supply chain finance, and penetrate into the upstream and downstream industries in real estate in ways to continuously output the industry's integrated solutions.